Chris Newhall (Wissy)


Wissy and a pair of sticks


Wissy and his Chad Valley - looks like he was also

a Rupert Bear fan!

My first love of music started at about 3 years old thanks to Chad Valley and a scratchy old wind-up gramophone that I still have today!

My interest in drums started at the age of 8 years old or so back in the early 70's, initially playing the air drums to my elder sister's copy of Nursery Cryme at any opportunity. I loved 'Harold the Barrel'.

At 14 I started my own band at school, Requiem, which gave me an identity other than being the guy who always comes last in exams. After leaving school I joined a pub band called Catch 22, and had my first recording studio experience in Godalming, Surrey (Chaterhouse country!).

My interest in Genesis started on Tuesday evening, May 6th 1980, when Tommy Vance with Radio 1 was broadcasting Genesis at the Lyceum Live. Well as mentioned before, I'd loved Harold the Barrel so was keen to hear what other stuff they did. Wow! How did they play those drum grooves? How did they get the changing time signatures so tight? I was in awe and to this day never looked back.

After focussing on my career (based in Godalming - there's a theme building here!) and my wonderful family, I picked up the sticks again in 2007. I passed some grade exams (it was good to know how it felt to pass an exam at last!) and after joining a couple of bands and gigging again, decided to follow my passion and formed the Genesis tribute band - Nursery Cryme.

I really enjoy being part of a great band with brilliant musicians. Onwards and upwards as we continue to take things to a new level!