Tim Rault-Smith


Tim looking cool

I am excited to join Nursery Cryme as lead vocalist, having been behind the instruments for most of my life - keys, drums, a little guitar and (way back when) Oboe, to the dizzy heights of grade 3.

At school, a couple of friends and I formed a band Barock - our influences being, amongst others, George F.W. Handel, and Rush. My next regular band, decades later, was a Funk band called In The Groove, from 2010-12 (just before Daft Punk came out with Get Lucky; I like to think we inspired them...). In the meantime, over the years I have performed at countless events, sung in a couple of musicals, and acted as a reserve keyboard player for the band of singer songwriter, Noel Richards.

Thinking I might go into music full-time, I spent a year out early in my career earning a Diploma in Recording, Music Technology and Music Business Studies from Kingston University. It didn’t lead to the career as a record producer I was looking for - the Internet arrived while I was doing the course, and being a computer scientist was suddenly cool.

Genesis is the band I listened to the most when growing up. I became aware of Abacab through a school friend, and when exploring the back catalogue, I became impressed with a band that could variously belt out grooves (albeit impossible to dance to), gentle folk, and complex classical tunes. I also have a particular weakness for the irregular time signatures. The folky lyrics are also more interesting than your average pop song - as well as more challenging to sing, I have since discovered!

Right, then: probably time I went off to learn the flute!